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Stevia Leaf

  • India Stevia Leaf is a 100% natural sweetener
  • Low calorie
  • Stevia Dry Leaves, No pesticides used & other harmful chemicals
  • Useful Diabetes
  • Stevia is the best substitute for refined sugar

Stevia Powder

  • 100% Natural and Pure Stevia Leaf Powder
  • Free from harmful pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals
  • Best sugar substitute
  • Suitable for culinary, health care applications
  • Raw stevia leaves powder

SUPACHAK (Pack of 4)


Rs. 50 (50 GM)

Hiranya Harbals


Natural Sweetener

We at Hiranya Herbal believe in making the world disease free and the first and tiny step that we have taken to fulfill our cause is by introducing stevia dry leaves and stevia powder.

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